Reflection Continued Further...

Cathy Marlor, Michelle Brown, Thalia Parmley, Anna Mitchel

Anna joined us after Rebekah left and she stuck around for a few years. Whenever we play up at Park City Mountain Resort, we ride up the mountain in a truck or on the ski-lift and play in a beautiful mountain spot, perfect for scenic ceremonies. Afterward, we like to ride the Alpine slide back down. It is so much fun - especially in concert black! Sometimes when we are really lucky we get invited to eat fancy food after we play and we love being wined and dined. This particular dining picture was taken at LaCaille after we played for a charity event there. In addition to the Alpine slide and fancy dinners, we also had the opportunity to host a big Strings of Elegance party since one of our clients owned resort property that we got a free-night's stay in. But all good things eventually change and we lost Anna in the spring of 2007 when she decided to go on an LDS mission. It was a quick transition and we were sad to lose her but happy for the new direction her life was taking. Our last gig with her was up at Snow Basin (see picture below).

Meili Bell took over for Anna. She has proven to be a great asset to our quartet both as a musician and a savvy business woman. So this is our group now and I think we are all caught up to speed as we began our blog at the beginning of 2008. The final picture in this post is of a group dinner we had at my house with all of our husbands. We thank them for all of the support they give us as we go all over the state playing for all sorts of events. We also want to thank our clients for giving us the wonderful opportunities. Thank you!

Posted by Cathy Marlor
Posted on December 31, 2008 .