Reflection Continued...

Rebekah Butler, Cathy Marlor, Thalia Parmley, Michelle Brown

Strings of Elegance was comprised of these four for several years. We had so many fun experiences including this trip that we took to Vernal, UT to play for a wedding there. On the way, we stopped in Heber to get some icecream. After the wedding we wanted to rehearse some Shostakovich for our summer concert but the hotel room wasn't big enough so we are now also known as the grocery store parking lot string quartet.

Rebekah (my little sis) decided to go away for college so our summer concert ended up being a farewell to her as she went off to persue her violin performance degree from the University of Arizona. When she becomes a world famous musician we keep reminding her that she got her big start with us!!!

We miss you Bekah Butler!

Posted by: Cathy Butler Marlor
Posted on December 31, 2008 .