Jenn & Josh

Tonight, we played for an incredibly fun ceremony for Jenn & Josh at The Canyons Resort in Park City. The evening started off with an adventure: everyone rode the gondola up the mountain to the location of the ceremony.

The ceremony was held on a wooden bridge over a river. I have a feeling it was a little cool up there in the mountains for the L.A. crowd that attended, but everyone looked spectacular. The officiator was a friend of the couple, and, like Jenn & Josh, showed a wonderful sense of humor. He began the ceremony with, "Maah-waage!" Really! The happy couple also displayed their funny sides in their vows. The bride said, "I promise to always be willing to jump out of a garbage can in order to make you laugh." And the groom said, "I promise to always be willing to talk like Dr. Evil to make you laugh," which he said in Dr. Evil's voice. They had all the guests rolling, including us! It was a wonderful evening, and I have no doubt this couple will be laughing together for the rest of their lives.

The above photo of the bride and groom was taken by Cathy at our location behind the guitarist. The photos of the quartet were taken by one of my new favorite photographers, Opie of OpieFoto. View more of Opie's beautiful photos of Jenn & Josh's wedding here. Go ahead! You'll love them.
Posted on June 28, 2009 .