Allison & Nicholas

Our second wedding today was at beautiful Memory Grove. I love playing at this historic and stately location. The wedding guests sat facing this grand structure.

The minister was eloquent and the bride and groom were glowing. But my favorite part of this special ceremony was the flower girl. (In the photo below, she is sitting on her grandma's lap on the front row, behind the bridesmaid in yellow.) She walked down the aisle just ahead of the bride and ceremoniously dropped all her flower petals right in front of the minister. Then, as the bride stepped over the petals and took her place alongside her groom, the little lady said in a proud not-whisper, "I dropped my flowers for you!" When the bride smiled and nodded, she continued, "Why do you have to walk on flowers?" At this point, she wanted to keep having a conversation with the bride, but everyone was trying to shush her, which made her innocent little lip stick out and her chin quiver. After being consoled by the bridesmaid in the yellow dress, she went to sit with her grandma, and she seemed to enjoy the rest of the ceremony.

After the minister finished asking the bride and groom if they would take the other as their lover, partner and friend, she addressed the flower girl, who walked to the front. The minister asked her if she would accept Allison as part of her family. She happily replied that she would. Then the minister asked the same of Allison, who agreed. This is the part of the ceremony that brought a tear to my eye. I hadn't realized she was the groom's daughter until then. It was so sweet.

Posted on October 10, 2009 .