Ana Paula & Brooks

Tonight we traveled up a narrow, winding, snowy canyon road to play for Ana Paula and Brooks' wedding celebration in Park City. It was held for a small group of family and friends in an elegant, yet cozy, residence at the top of White Pine Canyon Road. As we entered the gated community, called The Colony, the man at the gate instructed us to take a left at the fork. So up the steep road we went, taking a left at the prominent fork. As we climbed the mountain, the road became snowier and the white fog became thicker. It was at this point that we thanked our lucky stars that Meili was driving her Escape with 4-wheel drive. We climbed higher and higher, without seeing any numbers; we were looking for #97. Finally, we saw an address, #160. Hmmm... We continued our climb, passing higher numbers on our way up. When we reached the 200s, we decided to turn around. We must have taken the wrong fork.

So we began the icy descent. After a few white-knuckled miles, we made it back to the fork, where the directions were clearly marked... under a thick coat of snow, of course. We turned right, did some more slow and careful climbing, and made it to #97 just in time.

Thank you Ana Paula and Brooks, for a beautiful winter adventure. And best wishes to you both!
Posted on December 23, 2009 .