Tiffanie & Alex

Tonight we played for a lovely reception in honor of a gorgeous couple who are getting married tomorrow. What a great idea to have your party the night before the big day!

We played under a web of string lights, the kind that make you want to live your entire life outside at dusk. The bride and groom stood among a whimsical, yet romantic backdrop of large white paper lanterns. We played some of our favorite selections as three young girls danced their little hearts out, right in the middle of the square. They danced the way I used to dance in front of my parents' large bedroom mirror, carefree and exuberant, but they did it in front of the entire wedding party with no qualms. We then played a song called Three Little Maids and told them it was for them.

The bride and groom requested that we play Over The Rainbow, which we did sometime during the night. Then, as we were leaving, we heard another rendition of the beautiful song playing over the speakers while they danced together and with their parents.

Alex and Tiffanie, we wish you all the best!
Posted on June 30, 2010 .