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Lisa & Chris

Tonight, we played for Lisa and Chris' wedding reception at Arbor Manor in Taylorsville. It is often the case that the children in attendance show much more interest in our music than the adults, but it was especially apparent tonight. It may be because it is more socially acceptable for children to stare, or perhaps that children are more observant than their parents. Whatever the case, we had many little admirers tonight.

There was this handsome boy in his argyle vest.

And this dancing girl. (Notice the piece we were playing. Appropriate, no?)

She came over to visit after her waltz.

This little lady in red, who did not want to leave us.

And this future violinist, who already knows his way around a bow.

We had a wonderful time with our short friends tonight. Best wishes to the happy couple!
Posted on October 18, 2009 .